Geek Theory Classics: The First One

Life is full of firsts: first love, first kiss, first comic book, first ulcer. Everyone has a first and this week I want to celebrate the first “Geek Theory.” This comic started out as “Typicality”, a comic strip that I started writing in high school. It was similar in concept, following the exploits of a group of socially awkward misfits navigating through life, obsessing over movies, video games, and speaking in pop-culture colloquialisms. After a few years I grew disenchanted with it and the strip was discarded, though the characters kept popping up in various plays and short stories I went on to write in college. Eventually I decided it was time to start drawing again and so I brought those characters back and created the comic you see before you. It’s been going for just over three years now and though it’s been on a lengthy hiatus, the characters are coming back, stronger and (hopefully) funnier than ever. A new strip is on the horizon but for now, here’s the very first “Geek Theory” strip ever written. If you’ve never seen it before, i hope you enjoy it and if you have seen it…well, then you know the art gets much better! – Cam

comic1 color

comic2 color

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